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A Bright Young Thing cover

A Bright Young Thing

Astra Davies finds herself in rather a tight spot when her parents die suddenly, leaving her with a heap of debts and damaging family secrets to sort out. Unwilling to enter a loveless marriage with a wealthy suitor, she instead makes the audacious decision to make her own way in the world.


But the road to financial independence is a rocky one, and it’s made all the more difficult when her business partner turns out to be a fool who threatens to ruin her reputation along with their company. As if that weren’t enough, Astra also catches the attention of the extremely eligible (and extremely irresistible) Earl of Dunreaven. Which would be fine, if it weren’t for the fact that he’s as hard up as she is. Their flirtation also puts Astra directly in the crosshairs of her longtime nemesis, the wealthy, influential Lady Millicent, who’s now hell bent on bringing Astra down for good.


Astra will have to dig deep and call on strength and skills she never knew she had if she’s going to prove to herself and the world that she is more than just a pretty Bright Young Thing.

What People are Saying About A Bright Young Thing

“Fans of Downton Abbey will enjoy the depictions of grand houses and estates—with maids, butlers, and high society traditions—as well as the changes that women were making for themselves during that time.”

“Charming and clever, A Bright Young Thing is historical fiction you won’t want to put down. A thoroughly enjoyable read that will resonate with readers today.”
—Judithe Little, USA Today bestselling author of The Chanel Sisters

A Bright Young Thing is an intriguing novel of mystery, love, and survival in the glittering and backstabbing high society of 1930s England…Brianne Moore weaves a rich story of scheming socialites, dark family secrets, and a determined heroine that will captivate readers until the end.”
—Georgie Blalock, author of The Other Windsor Girl

I was blown away by this book. It intrigued me from the blurb, captivated me from the first chapter, and held my attention and pulled at my heartstrings the entire way through.


Fabulous piece of writing that I am better for having read.

On a Reading Bender

Such vivid imagery and a great plot and flow to the storyline. The author managed to completely submerse me in the novel from the very beginning. I loved the settings and the history she laced in the book.


The plot was smooth and I liked the way it flowed from chapter to chapter, and the drama kept me turning the pages quickly. 

—The Indie Express

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