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  • Brianne Moore

Jane Austen Gift Guide

What to buy for the Austen lover in your life.

It's officially holiday shopping season and time to put that gift buying into full gear. Since you're here, I'm guessing there's someone in your life who's a Jane Austen fan. And if that's the case, might I first suggest you gift them a copy of All Stirred Up? (Yes, I know, it's shameless, but I can't very well do a gift guide on my own blog without mentioning my own book, right?)

If you fancy something else for them, here are a few ideas:

Home decor

Pembertea makes a lot of great stuff, but I think my favourite is this Books of Jane Austen throw pillow.

Traveling in body may be out just now, but we can travel in spirit with Bibliotography's Map of Jane Austen novels.


We all need a little indulgence now and then, right?

Since we're all obsessively washing our hands, we may as well have nice soap. May I suggest An Austentacious Soap by LivingInThePast? (She also has soaps inspired by several of Austen's heroines!) You can also lather up with Jane Austen's Earl Grey by Nook and Burrow.

Dry skin from all that washing? The MacBath has you covered with its Pride and Prejudice body lotion.

Speaking of dry, I don't know about you, but winter wreaks havoc on my lips. Keep them supple with these lovely Jane Austen character lip balms, also from the MacBath.

And when you need to relax and unwind, have a soak with this Mr Darcy Bath Bomb.

Fashion and Accessories

Remember how I said Pembertea had a lot of cute things? I would wear the heck out of this Men of Jane Austen sweatshirt.

Persuasion features one of THE GREATEST love letters in all of literature, and now you can carry it with you thanks to this beautiful cuff bracelet by Jezebel Charms.

But if your bracelet lover leans more Pride and Prejudice, there are these romantic stackers from Tatum Bradley.

I'm more of a necklace person myself, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE these gorgeous miniature book pendants.

Gillisflowers makes beautiful jewelery and accessories from pre-loved books. I'm rather partial to these Pride and Prejudice fan earrings.

Tea and Mugs

What's Austen life without tea? Woman-owned teashop Bingley's Teas has a full range to suit every taste, all inspired by Austen's novels and characters. The only question is, what should we try first: Mansfield Morning or A Dance for the Musgrove Sisters?

What to drink it out of? Why, how about an adorable mug from Ivory Paige? Make sure everyone knows you're fluent on Austen or advertise your love of books with every sip!


Grow a garden inspired by Jane herself with this Jane Austen Growbar, featuring cornflowers, Sweet William, and mignonette, all of which were mentioned in Austen's letters.


Barbara Heller has produced an absolutely beautiful new edition of Pride and Prejudice which includes all the letters written and folded by hand, to really give you that immersive experience! Imagine unfolding Darcy's letter, just as Elizabeth did...

And speaking of letters, Digital Geek Design does some amazing Jane Austen-inspired letter work. You can choose a subscription, in which you receive several letters (hand-written, wax sealed, just as they were in Jane's day!) written as if they were from Jane herself, or you can receive individual letters that feature in her novels. And yes, that includes Captain Wentworth's amazing love letter from Persuasion!


We all got into some crafts during lockdown, right? Put those new skills to work!

If quilting's your jam, Rosemont Needle Arts has a lovely Pride and Prejudice-inspired applique quilt pattern.

If you're more into cross stitch, 4StitchesandGiggles has kit that's perfect for beginners, featuring a quote from Emma.


It's the time of year we all want to get cozy, right? Grab a book and snuggle up!

Set the mood with Belle and Book Co's Kellynch Hall candle, which smells of gardenia, forget-me-not (awww!) and lavender. Or, get in the holiday spirit with PretaGeek's Christmas at Pemberley candle, which smells deliciously of winter berries, frankincense and amber.

You've got your candles glowing, now cuddle up with a Pride and Prejudice reading blanket! Perfect for those chilly nights!

Cooking and Baking

Give your holiday biscuits a literary twist with this Jane Austen cookie cutter. Or you can make your cupcakes and muffins extra pretty with some Jane Austen cupcake cases.

If you want to eat like Jane did, check out the Jane Austen Cookbook by Maggie Black, or learn more about how food figures into Austen's novels with Maggie Lane's Jane Austen and Food.


We all have to wear them now, so we might as well have fun, right? The GoodBuyGirl has a trio of adorable, colourful Austen masks. If you want to go a little subtler, RegencyStylebySusana has a beautiful mask that features Jane's own correspondence!


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