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February Reading Roundup

It was a month of fabulous non-fiction! Click on the covers to find out what I thought of the books I read last month.

A Bright Young Thing Final 12-16 COVER.jpg
An entertaining romp through 1930s high society

A witty 1930s socialite juggles family secrets, a vengeful nemesis, and her growing feelings for an extremely eligible (but complicated) Earl as she sets out to make her way in the world and prove she's more than just another bright young thing.

A modern-day retelling of Jane Austen's Persuasion

Susan Napier is determined to save her grandfather's once-celebrated Edinburgh restaurant from bankruptcy. But the reappearance of the love of her life - now a famous chef with a restaurant of his own, makes that more complicated than she thought...

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The author

I'm a writer, editor, baker, knitter, and lifelong history lover. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, I spent my childhood inventing and acting out stories of brave princesses and gutsy ladies (always in AMAZING gowns!). 


I moved to the glorious, history-soaked city of Edinburgh over 10 years ago and felt like I'd finally come home. I now live just outside 'Auld Reekie', in a beautiful seaside town in East Lothian.


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